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Moving Data to a Newer PingPlotter Mac Version


I just updated to the newest PingPlotter for Mac version, and upon launch was prompted that "This version of the PingPlotter MacOS cannot use data created in a previous version." How can I get my trace data moved over to this new version?


The current PingPlotter macOS version handles data a bit differently than it's predecessors - and because of this, there isn't currently a path for data to be migrated over. When launched for the first time, this version recognizes if an old data store is present, and offers to rename it (so you don't lose it permanently) and build a new, compatible data file in its place.

If you should find that you've got some trace sessions that you're wanting to move over, you'll want to open the previous version of the program, and export those sessions to a .pp2 file (via the "File" -> "Export Sample Set") option. Once this is done, install the new version, and import those sessions back in (via the "File" -> "Import Sample Set" option).

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