Working at Pingman Tools

Working for a fun, growing, tech company usually means living in Seattle or Palo Alto, but our company offers something similar from the heart of potato country. We're located in downtown Boise Idaho within walking distance of the best restaurants, event centers, and parks the city has to offer. Life inside the office is pretty cool too. Here's a little bit about what it's like working at Pingman Tools.

We make network troubleshooting suck less

Around the turn of the millenium, Pingman's founder had issues with his QuakeWorld connection. He suspected his internet provider but didn't have a way to prove it. The problem lead to him making PingPlotter's first version. From there, others started using the tool, requesting features, and solving more network problems.

Eventually the project required more than a one man show, and PingPlotter's creator started building a team in 2010. New people made more possible, and Pingman's business grew along with the team. The result is the operation you see today.

Enjoy the work and even have a little fun

Small team environment, arcade games, caffeine on demand, the right tools for the job, foosball, beer on tap, comfortable office, unlimited vacation, regular celebrations, nerf fights, downtown parking, insurance, IRA, company lunches and outings.

Interested in working here?

Employment opportunities with PingPlotter and NoPileups (another company operating under the Pingman umbrella), are listed on the company websites.