MaP Bundle

The MaP Bundle incorporates MultiPing and PingPlotter Standard into a tool suite that allows you to actively monitor, diagnose and trouble-shoot uptime and availability of any network device(s) that will answer up to a ping request (via ICMP or UDP).

MultiPing and PingPlotter Standard have points of interoperability that you can utilize, even if you were to purchase both products separately. Purchasing the MaP Bundle, however, gives you both products at a discounted price. Together, both products give you a powerful toolset to monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot uptime on a network attached target.

Both tools have overlapping and unique capabilities/features (a feature summary can be found on our product comparison page), that target different goals. Using both tools together, and exploiting the interoperability between MultiPing and PingPlotter Standard, allows you to monitor a number of sites in MultiPing, and then troubleshoot an individual or multiple number of sites by capturing the entire route to that site in PingPlotter Standard. The two tools together offers significant flexibility for network monitoring and troubleshooting, with an easy to use graphical toolset.

In short, if you:

  • have numerous hosts that you want to monitor simultaneously, then MultiPing is the product for you.
  • need the ability to diagnose and trouble-shoot problems with a target, using the entire route to that target to identify the source of the problem, then PingPlotter Standard is the product for you. In addition to all of PingPlotter Standard's other unique features, PingPlotter gives you the ability to save all your collected data for archival purposes or later analysis.
  • need all of the above, then the MaP Bundle, or PingPlotter Pro, are the best fit for you.