Usage and Deployment

What is a license?

A license is an entitlement to use software that is subject to our end user license agreement.

What is license overuse?

License overuse occurs when products are used outside the bounds of the end user license agreement

Example: If you own two licenses, you can install the product on two machines simultaneously and be within the license terms. If the number of installed machines exceeds the number of licenses you may be in violation of licensing terms.

A quick way to check license overuse is the 90 day usage indicator on the product card.

A red 90 day usage button means you could be overusing your license. If you see this, evaluate whether or not you are extending usage beyond the licensing terms, and purchase additional licenses if necessary.

Adding licenses

Use the "Add License" button to add additional licenses to an existing license key. This allows you to deploy a single license key, and add more licenses as your deployment grows without having to manage multiple keys. If you need a separate license (for example, if you are buying for a different department with a different budget), go through the standard order page rather than adding to an existing license.

As licenses are added the product card refreshes to reflect the state of the card as if the license was purchased.

Note: Maintenance through date is modified to reflect new maintenance date after additional license purchase. The new maintenance through date is the average of your existing licenses and new licenses. All new license come with a year of maintenance, but may extend the Maintenance through date by less than a year because your existing licenses may have less than a year of maintenance remaining.

When you are satisfied with the contents of the order, click "Purchase Now". You will be directed to our order form, and after the form is submitted, you can return to the account screen and find the product with your updated licenses.