Usage and Deployment

What is a license?

A license is an entitlement to use software that is subject to our end user license agreement.

Licenses come in two flavors:

  • Single-User licenses are single copies of PingPlotter intended for an individual's use.
  • Multi-Device licenses are a group of licenses intended for use by an organization in need of several concurrent PingPlotter instances.

What is license overuse?

License overuse occurs when PingPlotter is used outside the bounds of the end user license agreement.

Example: If you own two licenses, you can install the product on two machines simultaneously and be within the license terms. If the number of installed machines exceeds the number of licenses, you may be in violation of the licensing terms.

A quick way to check for license overuse is to view the license card on your account page.

You can find detailed information about the license overuse by clicking on "Manage Deployment..." Any PingPlotter installs restricted due to overuse will be listed in the console. You can delete or block any devices actively using the license to free it for use.

Adding licenses

You can add additional licenses to an existing license key by expanding the license card (the plus in the top-right corner of the card) and using the "Add License" button. This will convert the single-user license to a multi-device license (see Managing PingPlotter Licenses for more info). If you need a separate single-user license, go through the standard order page rather than adding to an existing license.

How does maintenance work for multiple licenses?

When purchasing an additional license, the remaining maintenance time is averaged for all managed licenses. Example: You have a single license with 31 days of active maintenance remaining. Buying a new license, which comes with 365 days of active maintenance (one year), would mean both licenses now have 198 days of active maintenance.

When you are satisfied with the contents of the order, click Buy Now. You will be directed to our order form and, after the form is submitted, you can return to the account screen and find the card with your updated licenses.